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How to use our industry-leading tools:

What is the Bookable Link and how does it work?

Our Bookable Link feature allows you to send links to your clients so they can book tours and activities themselves, while still earning you commission. With the ability to quickly generate bookable links for your homepage, for a destination or category, and for a specific product, you can use your bookable link across a variety of channels.

Monetize Your Website with the Viator Widget

The Viator Widget, which is a piece of code you embed on your website, pulls in tours and activities directly from Viator and displays them on your website. You’ll earn commission on every product booked via the widget by your site visitors. Widgets are compatible across devices and are a great way to supplement your site’s content.

Getting Started on the Travel Agent Program

If you’re new to Viator’s Travel Agent Program, we’ll help you get onboarded as quickly as possible so you can start earning commission right away. We highly recommend attending our Welcome Webinar as well as familiarizing yourself with how to use our site.

Travel Agent Webinars

Travel agents of all levels of experience can attend webinars and walk away with takeaways. We have regularly scheduled welcome webinars for new agents joining the Viator Travel Agent Program as well as more advanced webinars to go over best practices while booking tours and activities on behalf of your clients.

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Account Registration

Take a guided walk through how to create your account on our platform. We’ll walk through step-by-step how to create your account and how to invite member agents/advisors to join your account.

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Navigating the Travel Agent Program

There are multiple ways to find the perfect tour or activity for your client. Watch our video as well as your guided walkthrough on how to navigate our site made with travel agents in mind.

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Searching for products

With 300,000, it’s not always the easiest to find the right product for your client. We’ll walk you through the different ways to access our products

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How to Make Bookings on the Viator Travel Agent platform

You’ve found the perfect product and now it’s time to book. Get guides walkthroughs on how to make a booking on our platform, how to proceed through checkout, and how communications are handled from Viator to both you and your client.

Commission, Payments, and Reporting

As a Viator travel agent, you earn a commission on every single product you book on our platform. Learn more about how to track and report on your commission payments, as well as understanding when your commission will get paid out.

Looking for more than just the basics? Head over to our Travel Agent Blog for tips and tricks on how to grow your business with Viator.