How to join my agency’s account

In this guide, we’ll go over the multiple ways that you can join your host agency. Your host/admin must have created an agency account before you can register under their account. If your host/admin has not created the agency account, you will not be able to join your agency.

Joining your agency’s account

There are three ways that you can join your agency account:

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You can sign up yourself

 Should you be proactive and sign up independently, you can do so. However, you will need your host agency’s Partner ID (e.g. P12345678) or another Accreditation ID (IATA, CLIA, CCRA, TRUE, or ASTA number) in order to successfully join your agency’s account.

If you are not sure what your host agency’s Accreditation IDs or partner ID is, please contact your host.

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Through your host/admins custom sign up link

Your host/admin may have shared a link with you directly or sometimes through your Intranet or online group. This link is custom to your agency and automatically links your account with your agency’s account

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You can be directly invited

Your host or admin will have added you to the agency account. You will receive an email asking you to complete registration. Because you’ve been directly invited, your account with automatically be linked to your agency’s account

How to complete my registration

Regardless of how you start the signup process, it will be quick and easy. If you’re signing up individually, you can start the process here

agent registration email

Step 1

Provide your email address. If you have a Tripadvisor account already, we recommend using that email address to sign up. Regardless, the email address you provide will be used to automatically create a TripAdvisor account for you.

agent registration basic info

Step 2

  • Provide a password. If you already have a Tripadvisor account, you will use the same password as your Tripadvisor account. 
  • Provide your phone number and any other information that is missing from the form fields.
  • If you were invited by your host/admin or signed up using their custom link, your registration is complete! If you signed up independently, please proceed to step 4.
Enrol in travel agent program or affiliate program

Step 3

You’ll be prompted to enroll as a travel agent or enroll as an affiliates. In this case, you will enroll as a travel agent by clicking on the “Get Started” button in the travel agents section.

join host agency ID

Step 4 (*only for those who are signing up independently)

Select “Yes, I work through a host agency” and you will search for your host agency’s Viator Partner ID, IATA, CLIA, CCRA, TRUE, or ASTA number. Your host agency can add up to 5 Accreditation IDs in their sign up process to help you search and register with your agency.

agent registration complete

And that’s it!

You’ve successfully registered and have joined your agency’s account. Now you’re ready to start earning commission!

Why am I using Tripadvisor to create my account and login?

We realize that using multiple usernames and passwords can be overwhelming, therefore the Travel Agent Program uses the Tripadvisor Account.  The TripAdvisor Single-Sign-On login is also more robust and well-maintained throughout our organization resulting in less login issues for you and your agency.

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