Curated Lists: Travel Planning Made Easy

Save time by easily creating customized lists of Viator recommendations and sharing top picks with clients at any stage of their booking journey, from initial planning conversations to spontaneous in-destination activities.

Picture wish lists, but for travel agents – Curated Lists are your ultimate tool for hassle-free travel planning. These lists let you effortlessly save, manage, and share Viator experiences with clients.


Personalize planning

Create unique, one-of-a-kind trips tailored to your clients’ preferences, interests, and travel dates. Plus, easily reference your custom lists for future use.

Save time

Save time

Streamline your workflow by adding experiences to multiple lists simultaneously when you’re managing clients with similar travel plans and refer back to your lists when it’s time to book.

Earn more

Work less, earn more

Book client-selected experiences directly from your lists or share experiences using the embedded “share with client” links so clients can book on their own. Either way, you’ll earn commission!

How to Get Started with Curated Lists


1.  Creating and editing lists

Easily create personalized lists matching your clients’ preferences. Simply go to ‘Curated Lists’ in your profile dropdown, click ‘New curated list,’ name it, and save.

To add an experience to your list, just click the heart icon on any Viator experience listed on and select which list(s) to add the experience to. That’s it – your top recommendations are saved to a new or existing Curated List.

How to create a list with Curated Lists
Adding dates to lists

2.  Adding dates to lists

Keeping track of your clients’ upcoming trips is essential. By adding dates to your lists, you’ll remember to follow up for bookings and provide personalized recommendations. Plus, you’ll have a clear view of which experiences are available during your clients’ travel period.

3.  Organizing your lists

Customize your list organization based on clients, destinations, or categories. The choice is yours, and it’s all about making your travel planning smoother. When naming your lists, consider what will make them easiest to organize and access. We recommend starting with lists dedicated to specific clients’ upcoming trips.

Looking for more ideas?

How to organize lists with Curated Lists
How to book experiences with Curated Lists

4.  Booking experiences with your lists

You have the flexibility to handle the booking process for your clients or let them take charge using the “share with client” link, making it even easier to earn.

You can book experiences for your clients directly through your lists, or, to let clients book on their own, simply click the three dots in the top right corner of the experience in your list and click Share with client. Either way, you’ll earn commission.

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