Planning epic journeys for your clients has never been simpler, thanks to Viator’s Curated Lists. In this blog, we’ll explore seven ways to effectively organize your Curated Lists. These ideas will not only streamline your planning process but also allow you to offer extraordinary experiences to your clients. Whether you’re working with families, adventure enthusiasts, luxury seekers, or savvy budget travelers, Curated Lists make the planning process easier and provide the flexibility to tailor your recommendations for a variety of types of trips and travel themes.

1. Lists for Specific Trips:

The easiest and most effective way to use Curated Lists is by tailoring your recommendations to specific client trips. With trip dates in place, unavailable items will automatically be filtered out, ensuring that you’re suggesting experiences that are available to book during their travels. This not only simplifies your planning process but also allows you to provide personalized recommendations that resonate with your clients.

2. Lists by Destination:

Destination-specific lists are your ultimate time-saver. For instance, if Rome is a popular destination among your clients, create a “Rome Exploration” list, so you can easily copy experiences into a personalized itinerary whenever a client’s thinking of heading to Italy. This way, you’re always ready with top-notch recommendations that match your clients’ interests and preferences.

3. Lists for Various Preferences:

  • Family-Friendly Adventures: Curate a list of kid-friendly activities, like amusement parks, zoos, or interactive museums. Example: “Family Fun in Orlando.”
  • Thrilling Adventures: Compile high-adrenaline experiences such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, and extreme sports. Call it “Adrenaline Rush.”
  • Luxury Travel: Craft a collection of lux experiences, including private yacht charters, fine dining, and spa retreats. How about “Luxury Escapes”?
  • Budget-Friendly Finds: Help clients save with a list of affordable yet unforgettable activities like walking tours and local markets. Try “Budget Adventures.”

4. Lists for Specific Categories:

  • Food Tours: Treat your foodie clients to a taste of culinary adventures. Think street food tours, wine tastings, and cooking classes under “Gourmet Getaways.”
  • Cultural Exploration: Bring out the cultural connoisseurs with museum tours, art galleries, and historical sites. Call it “Art and Culture Immersion.”

5. Lists for Client-Approved Experiences:

Create a compilation of activities that clients have raved about and would recommend to anyone. You might name it “Client Favorites: Must-Try Experiences.” This would be a great list to refer back to when planning future trips, especially if a client has a type of trip in mind, but isn’t set on a specific destination yet.

6. Lists for Occasions or Events:

Develop lists tailored to specific occasions, such as honeymoon getaways, family vacations, or solo adventures. Having pre-made lists for various travel themes can speed up the planning process.

7. Lists for Personalized Client History:

Use Curated Lists to maintain records of your clients’ past trips. Say your client spends a family vacation at their timeshare in Mexico every summer. This lets you suggest experiences they have yet to enjoy or recommend favorites they’d love to relive. Simply adjust the dates for their future trip to see what’s available when they head back again.

More tips for using Curated Lists:

Keep lists up-to-date by removing unavailable or outdated experiences.

Don’t limit yourself to sharing Viator experiences during just the initial planning stages. Utilize them throughout your clients’ travel journey. Thanks to our “share with client link,” you can even recommend experiences once they’ve arrived at their destination, providing opportunities for spontaneous bookings based on their real-time interests, schedules, and even the weather.

One of the most valuable features of Curated Lists is the ability to see the availability of experiences during your clients’ trips without any extra effort, simply add in the desired dates and Curated Lists do the rest for you. Use this feature to ensure that the activities you recommend are not only of interest but also available during their specific travel dates.

Don’t hesitate to add, edit, or remove experiences as needed. Adapt your lists to match your clients’ evolving preferences and travel plans.

Use your lists to inspire your clients to book. Show them all of the incredible experiences that await them in their destination with your carefully curated suggestions.


Now that you’ve seen how Curated Lists can make travel planning easier, don’t hesitate to give them a try. You can use them for brainstorming, organization, or travel planning—whatever suits you best.

So, go ahead and get started. Let your creativity flow, and begin crafting lists that match your style. With Curated Lists, you’re not just offering travel experiences; you’re building unforgettable journeys.

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