How-To Guide: Searching for Products

With over 200,000 unique products on our Travel Agent Platform, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for the right product for your client. Our new look and functionality makes it a little easier to search for things to do in destination, and now we have handy pages that give you more destination and attraction-specific information and guidance! Let’s walk through the various search options you can use to find the perfect experience for your client while they’re away.

Search by City

Chances are you’ll know the city your clients are traveling to on their vacation, so typing the city name in the search bar is the first route in this case. But, first things first, make sure you’re signed into the correct site so you’re earning commission!

OK – now that you’re signed into the Viator Travel Agent Platform, we can start searching! Type the city name into the search bar:

You’ll see all things to do in Paris:

From the main page with all the Paris experiences, you can browse through them in a few different ways. The ones listed on the Paris page are our top sellers, but you can narrow your search by category by selecting one from the list on the left side of the screen:

You can also search by attraction on the left side below the product categories:

An updated function of the Travel Agent Platform is the ability to view Viator recommendation pages for destinations. These pages give you helpful information about various destination-specific topics:

Another useful search method is the list of nearby destinations. You can find experiences in areas close to your client’s main point of interest. These are great to look at – sometimes you’ll find things are closer than you thought!

Search by Country or Region

The search function works the same way for countries and regions as well!

Search by Attraction

Sometimes it’s easier to search by the thing your clients want to do – in these cases you just type the name of the attraction they’re interested in visiting, and all experiences related to that will come up:

Search by Keyword

You can also easily search using keywords instead of destination names or city names. Say you’re just browsing our inventory and want to see everything available worldwide in the skip-the-line category – you can type that in and see everything with that keyword in it:

 The keyword search is also helpful for looking for tours with specific criteria. Say, for example, you know your clients would love some activities with bike riding. Type in the relevant keyword and you’ll have a bunch of options all over the world ready to go for their next trip!

Search by Product Code on TripAdvisor


1. Go to

2. Click on things to do

3. At the top of the screen (next to the TripAdvisor logo) is the search bar. This is where you will search for your desired location or experience

4. After searching for your desired location or experience you can browse through the options and choose the one that best fits your needs

5. On the right hand side of the page under “Why Book on TripAdvisor?” you will find the product code.

**Tip: to quickly find the product code do control F on your keyboard and type in product code.**

6. Highlight and copy the product code

7. Go to and paste the product code into the search bar

8. Once you press enter the product code will take you directly to the product page

Always remember to book through the Travel Agent Platform to make sure you’re earning commission! Now that you can explore all the possibilities available to your clients, you can give them excellent recommendations to make their vacation amazing. Happy booking!

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