Manage My Booking Feature: Self-Serve Booking Management

Need to edit or cancel a booking? You can easily do that directly from your account without needing to call our support team.

What does this tool help me do?

Edit a booking

Change dates, add/remove travelers, and more from direct bookings.

Cancel a booking

We know that things change and flexibility is key. Cancel bookings for your clients. 

Get tickets

Once the booking is confirmed, access your client’s ticket and download it to share.

View tour info

Tour operator name, inclusions/exclusions, departure details, cancellation policy, etc.

Where and how do I manage my booking?

Step 1

Step 1

Log in to your account here. You can also access your account from by clicking on “Manage account” from the dropdown menu.

Managing bookings step 2

Step 2

Navigate to the “Manage bookings” tab on the top menu bar and select your date range from the calendar filter.

Step 3

You can locate your booking in two ways:

  • By typing the Booking Reference Number directly into the search bar
  • By scrolling through your list of bookings

You can also filter bookings based on their status. To view bookings that occurred in the past, check the box next to ‘View Past Bookings’. 

Once you’ve found your booking, click the 3 dots to the right of the commission and select “Manage.”

Step 4

After clicking “Manage,” the booking details page will open in a new tab. From here, you will see all the relevant details and actions you can take on the booking, including:

    • Editing the traveler details 
    • Changing the tour dates
    • Canceling the booking
    • Accessing the tickets
    • Contacting the tour operator
    • Updating the payment details, if the booking was made using Reserve Now & Pay Later

Editing direct bookings

When editing a booking you made on behalf of your client, you have a few options:

Change dates

Here, you can change the travel date. Note: there may be differences in price, and you will be alerted of price changes prior to confirming your change.

Update travelers

Need to add or remove someone from a tour? You can easily change traveler names and add or remove travelers here. Note: you will not be able to remove the lead traveler. To do so, you’ll have to cancel the booking and rebook.


Change tour option

You may change the tour option here.  ‘Tour options’ are different options for the same tour and may include different start times, inclusions, pickup locations, etc.)

Any changes you make will be sent to the email address(es) used during the check-out process (i.e. to the Agent Only, Traveller Only or Both). 

Note: you will not be able to edit a booking if the booking was marked as “All Sales Final” or if the booking is within the terms of the operator’s cancellation penalty.

Managing indirect (“Share with client” link) bookings

If your clients have made a booking using your “Share with client” link, you still have a few options to help them edit/cancel the booking. 

Step 1

Identifying indirect bookings

From the “Manage bookings” tab of your account, you will see bookings made using your “Share with client” link marked as “Indirect” under the “Type” column.

Client can manage the booking

Your client is able to manage bookings they’ve made on their own through their Viator account.

Client can call customer support

Your client can speak to a customer support agent on the phone 24/7 by calling (888) 651-9785

You can call customer support

As the agent, you are also able to call customer support on behalf of your client. Call (888) 651-9785 with the booking reference number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone else see my bookings?

Host agents have access to all bookings in their agency. Member agents have access only to their bookings.

How do I know if my booking is eligible for cancellation?

If the booking is eligible for cancellation, the ‘Cancel for Free by (DATE) button will show. When you click here, you will be taken to a secondary screen with the following:

  1. A drop-down to select the cancellation reason (required)
  2. The total amount paid
  3. The total refund amount, including the last four digits of the Credit Card to which the refund will be credited and the expected refund timeframe
  4. ‘Cancel Booking’ button to finalize the cancellation
Do I need to download tickets?

You do not always need to download tickets and send them to clients. If mobile tickets are accepted (which will be indicated on the ticket) then clients can access tickets on their smartphones when in destination.

Can I remove the lead traveler from the booking?

You cannot remove the lead traveler from the booking.

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