Your Bookings and Commission Reports

When you book experiences for your clients in the Travel Agent Platform, you earn commission on every product on our site. Now, you can track your bookings and the commission associated with each in your agent profile under the Bookings and Commission tab. You’ll notice an additional column in the report called “Booking Type” – the booking will be noted as either direct or indirect. Indirect bookings are coming from the custom link now available on the platform, read more about this feature here

Where do I find my Bookings and Commission reports?

Step 1: Navigate to “Manage Account”

First things first – make sure you’re logged in at

Once you log in, you’ll go to “Manage account” to find your bookings and commission.

Step 2: Select “Bookings and Commission” tab

If you have an independent agent account, or a member of a host agency account, you’ll see your past and future bookings with your client’s names, their travel date, booking reference number, and commission earned for each booking. Independent agents can also download an Excel file with your commission reports by month. Member agent commission reports are done through the host agency account owner.

If you’re the owner of a host agency account, you’ll see the same information, with an additional column for agent name.

Downloading Reports

Download a CSV file report

You can also download reports and track employee bookings and commissions.

Your commission is paid the month following the client’s travel date and you’ll get an email notification when it’s been paid. For more information on commission and payments, see this article.

Deciphering Reports: Indirect and Direct Bookings

You’ll be able to see which bookings came from your Bookable Link or Widget in your “Bookings & Commission” report. Bookings made via the Bookable Link or Widget will be labeled as “indirect.”

To comply with privacy regulations, clients can choose not to send you booking details, but you will always be able to see the booking come through in your “Bookings & Commission” Report. We do recommend that your client shares their booking details with you.


Direct Bookings

Direct bookings are made by the travel agent on the platform


Indirect Bookings

Indirect bookings are made by your clients on using your bookable link or Widget