Your Bookings and Commission Reports

When you book experiences for your clients on the Travel Agent Platform, you earn commission on every product on our site. Now, you can track your bookings and the commission associated with each in your agent profile under the “Remittance Advice” tab of the “Finance” section of your account.

Finding your commission payout (remittance) reports 

Before you get started, make sure that you or your admin has completed the account and added payout details. Without a complete account or payout details, we will be unable to process commission payments. If you’ve done that, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1

Navigate to the “Finance” section of your account (located at the top left corner of the screen)

Step 2

Select the “Payouts” tab to view your payout information

From here, you’ll be able to download your monthly commission payout (remittance) reports. When you download reports, you’ll be able to see all the important details. Below is an example of a remittance report:

A few notes about how to read reports:



This number will be used if you need to call our customer service line for help. This number references that specific booking you’ve made and will help us quickly identify which booking you are calling about.



“TRANSACTION_AMOUNT” represents the total price paid for that product and the “DECIMALS” field represents the amount of decimal places you have to move (from right to left). For example, a “TRANSACTION_AMOUNT” of 5097 would indicate that a total price of $50.97 was paid for that product.



This is the code we use to identify specific products on our site. If you ever want to find a product listing page, all you have to do it copy and paste the code into the search bar on and the listing will appear.



Direct bookings are made by the travel advisor on the platform.

Indirect Bookings are made by your clients on using your bookable link or widget.