Chances are, you know all about our bookable link feature and how easy it makes earning commission—but did you know that there are even better ways to use the tool? Start making the most out of each bookable link with these pro tips.

You can download a guide going through some tips and tricks to using your link here: Tips and Tricks to Using the Bookable Link

Remember – your link NEVER expires, so share widely!

Your Website

A website is the perfect place for a bookable link. Visitors coming to your site can access and book through your link and earn you commission. Now you don’t have to worry about promoting a particular destination or attraction, you can simply direct people to the Viator homepage using your bookable link (pulled from the homepage) and let the guests do the browsing and booking.

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Generate your homepage Bookable Link by clicking the “Share with client” button towards the top right.

When your client accesses your link, they’ll see a version of, but your name will appear in the top left.

Email Signature

You probably send quite a few emails throughout the day, so why not include the bookable link in your email signature? You can add the hyperlink as a text link, or include it as part of an image you use in your signature. If you specialize in a certain destination, or want to promote specific attractions or products, include that link to your signature.

Social Media

These days it’s easier to manage your marketing and community through social media channels than it is to maintain a website and database of clients. Add your bookable link to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profiles and make it easy for your clients to find fun things to do wherever they go. Some of our agents like to share links in their Facebook groups as a quick way to communicate with lots of people at one time.

Destination Guides

Use destination guides (like ours!) to earn commission when you incorporate products into travelers’ pre-trip research efforts. Some of our more passionate agents even incorporate the links into their personal blog sites and posts.

Marketing Materials

Like any business, you need to market your offering to new and current customers to remain top of mind. If you send marketing emails, they’re a great way to promote bookings through the bookable link, particularly if you know that client will be traveling to a specific destination soon. Some agents produce marketing flyers for their business and pass out physical copies to potential clients at roadshows, events, etc. You can include a clickable link on an e-flyer, or include the link on a printed flyer.

*Bitly is a free tool to shorten your links and make it easy for people to copy from printed materials

In-Destination Check-Ins

Did you know the majority of bookings take place while the traveler is in-destination? Just because travelers want to wait until they’ve arrived to figure out things to do doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that commission. The Viator Travel Agent Program is mobile-friendly, and your clients can book through your link on the go!

*If your clients are traveling internationally, advise them on a travel SIM card so they can be connected even while they’re out of the country

What the agent sees

What the client sees

Corporate Travel

Do you specialize in corporate travel? Business travelers are beginning to incorporate more leisure time into their business trips, so why not include a bookable link relevant to the traveler’s destination in their itinerary when you create one for them. If your client has time to play while they work, you’ll earn commission.

Do you have any other ways you use the bookable link? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter and share your wisdom with the community!