Reaching clients in-destination

When arriving to a destination, many travelers who have not pre-booked activities begin to research a variety of different experiences to make the most of their vacation.

This is one of the benefits of having a tool like the “share with client” link: it makes it possible for your clients to book tours and activities before they leave for their trip or when they’re already in their destination, all while earning you extra commission.

In fact, did you know that experiences like sunset cruises or food tours are usually booked just 24 hours before the activity? With your “share with client” link, you can give your clients the freedom to book experiences at their convenience.

Benefits of sending your clients the “share with client” link to use in-destination:
  • Immediate confirmation and mobile tickets
  • Viator’s Low Price Guarantee, so your clients can be sure they’re getting the best deal  
  • 24/7 support for any questions or concerns
  • Real-time availability = last minute options, so clients can decide the day-of if they choose to
  • …. And of course you’ll receive commission!

Here are the fast facts:


  • The majority of travelers planning any activity typically do some sort of prior planning, whether it be before departing or while in destination.
  • Travelers booking experiences and activities that have a set schedule, require tickets, have a fixed capacity or are one of your top vacation activities often take prior planning and purchasing. 
  • Two thirds of younger travelers feel comfortable booking their entire trip on a smartphone; this is not surprising as millennials and younger generations spend much more time on their smartphones than older generations.  
  • When booking in-destination, it is much more common for smartphones to be used as part of the planning and booking process.

How often do clients book in-destination?


It is common for travelers to plan activities pre-departure, however it is still probable that there are some activities that they will plan and book once they are in-destination. According to Think with Google, “85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at the destination.” Many leisure travelers are looking for a travel provider to share experiences with them while they are in destination. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the “share with client” link! 

What types of tours and activities are clients booking in-destination?


It is important to note when sending suggestions to clients that there are certain activities that they are more likely to book once in-destination. It is likely that travelers will plan which activities they want to go to while on their trip, however they are much less likely to purchase the actual activity in advance. Keep clients’ interests in mind and send them a list of activities they might have been thinking of while they’re in-destination so you won’t lose out on that commission.    

Your clients may want to wait until they know the weather before booking an outdoor experience or a walking tour. Likewise, if it’s a rainy day, a museum tour may be just what your clients are looking to do! By sending clients your links before they depart, you can ensure that anything they decide to book will be attributed to you and you’ll be earning commission. 

Easy ways to share links with your clients

Customizable email templates


If you have clients with upcoming trips, you’re likely planning to send them a pre-departure email or text with a reminder about everything you’ve booked for them- from flight or transfer details to their lodging and day-to-day activities. Whether they already have experiences booked or not, these communications are a great opportunity to encourage your clients to book through your “share with client” link.

We’ve created a short messaging template that’s easy to copy and paste into your emails or texts with clients to get them excited about their upcoming travels. Be sure to pair the message with links to your favorite suggestions for things to do to make it easy for them to browse and book using your “share with client” links. This is a great way for your clients to feel valued and for you to earn extra commission!


Your upcoming trip to DESTINATION is almost here, and I’m so excited for you!

We both know you could do a thousand and one things during your trip, but I want to help narrow down your options with a few suggestions I think you’ll love.

Experiences in DESTINATION:

  1. *share your links here*

If these recommendations aren’t what you’re looking for, browse and book anything from Viator’s thousands of experiences – from skip-the-line tours to full-day trips! Book experiences on your own at any point during your trip to make memories that last beyond the flight home.

Customizable destination guides

We’ve created 19 fully customizable destination guides for you to edit and use with your “share with client” links to send to your clients to capture in-destination (or any time!) bookings. 

The 19 destinations featured are the top-booked Viator destinations by travel agents but we’ve added in a blank template at the end for you to add your own to match wherever your clients are going. 

Each guide features exciting images and visuals, top-booked things to do, and travel tips including the currency used, best time to visit, and a Viator tip. We’ve also included 4 places for you to insert your “share with client” link to earn commission on anything your clients book. 

All of these templates are fully customizable, so feel free to make it your own with your brand colors, your name (or agency name), images, and much more!