Using Your Bookable Link

Earn commission when clients book experiences using your unique Bookable Link

How does the Bookable Link work?

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You share your unique Bookable Link with your client

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Your client books a product using your Bookable Link

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You receive commission on each booking made

Why use my Bookable Link?


It’s flexible and simple to use

Generating a Bookable Link is as easy as clicking the “Share with client” button and it can be shared across a variety of communication channels, such as email or social media.


Capture in-destination bookings

Many clients wait until they’re in-destination to book activities. By sending them your Bookable Link, your client can book experiences on-the-go on their mobile device.


You’ll still earn commission

Your Bookable Link does not expire and you’ll earn commission on any and all experiences booked using it.


Empower your clients

Clients who access your unique Bookable Link have the ability to search for experiences, read reviews, and book an experience.

Where do I find my Bookable Link?

After logging in at, you can generate your Bookable Link by clicking the “Share with client” button. You can generate a Bookable Link from your homepage, from a destination or category page, and a product page giving you the flexibility to send links to your client at various points of the purchase journey.

bookable link-share with client-homepage

Your homepage

It’s best to share your homepage link in “evergreen” situations – that is, situations where it will not lose context over time. 

bookable link-share with client-product page-

Product pages

Share product page links so your client can easily read reviews and book themselves if the product is likely to sell out.

Destination pages

Share a destination page once your client has picked their destination, but wants to do their own research.

bookable link-share with client-category page-

Category pages

If you client has an idea of the type of experience, you can send them a specific category for them to peruse



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What does my client see when accessing my Bookable Link?

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The travel agent experience

  • You will be booking on
  • You will see a white header with the Viator Travel Agents logo
  • You will see your own name in the upper right hand corner
bookable link-copy link client experience-

The client experience

  • The client will be booking on
  • The client will see the Viator logo
  • The client will see your name in the upper left hand corner

During checkout, you or your client will be prompted to fill out traveler details and payment information. The major difference is that travel agents will be prompted to put in their information, which will be pre-populated for your convenience. This is so we can tie the booking to you.

Your client will NOT have to put your information in at booking, as the Bookable Link automatically passes your information through and ties that booking to your name, so you’ll never miss out on commission.

Can I send my bookable link in other languages?

Yes you can. No matter what language you speak, you can choose to send clients your bookable link in their preferred language. For example, if you speak French, but your client is predominantly Spanish-speaking, you can select to send them a link in Spanish. Clients will receive communications from Viator, such as confirmation emails, in the language that they select.

Below is an example of how a French speaking travel advisor would produce a link in Spanish:

share with client - change language

Reporting on bookings made via your Bookbale Link

You’ll be able to see which bookings came from your Bookable Link in the “Bookings” section of your account. Bookings made via the Bookable Link will be labeled as “indirect.”


Direct Bookings

Direct bookings are made by the travel agent on


Indirect Bookings

Indirect bookings are made by the client on using your bookable link

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the commission amount different when using the Bookable Link?

Your standard commission rate is the same no matter if you book tours on behalf of your clients or if your clients book tours for themselves using your Bookable Link

If my client books themselves, how will I know? How will that commission get tied to my name?

When a client accesses your Bookable Link, your information is passed through automatically during the checkout process so we’re able to tie the booking to your account and pay you commission. Bookings made by your client using the Bookable Link will be labeled as “indirect.”

When do I get paid my commission on bookings made via the Bookable Link?

Commission earned on bookings made by your client using the bookable link is paid out in the same way as a booking made by you.

Your commission is paid out the month following the completion of the booked activity. For example, if your client books a tour in August 2019 for a date in October 2019 (i.e. the traveler goes on the tour in October 2019), your commission will be disbursed in November 2019.

Learn more about Commission and Payments >

Does my client have to create a Viator account when bookings from the Bookable Link?

The client will have a Viator account automatically created for them during the checkout process.

  • Your client will be able to manage their bookings directly through
  • Only the client will receive email notifications if they cancel or amend their booking.
  • Any booking changes made by the client will show up in your booking and commission reports.
Does my Bookable Link expire?

Your Bookable Link does not expire.

How do I send my Bookable Link to clients?

You can send your Bookable Link any way you want. For example, you can send it in an email, in a text message, on social media, etc. You can include your Bookable link on your website or even your business card.

Learn more >

What is the attribution window for the Bookable Link?

The attribution window for the Bookable Link is 30 days.

Once your client clicks on the link, you will get commission for their booking as long as they book within 30 days after that first click.

Each time your client clicks the link, the 30-day window starts over – the link does NOT expire.

Do I need to claim bookings made using my bookable link?

No, any bookings your client make swith your bookable link will be tied automatically to your account and you will not need to claim thesse bookings.