Whether your client has a long layover or simply wants their flying experience to feel as luxurious as the vacation itself, airport lounges are a popular add-on that can take a trip to the next level. The exact amenities offered in these exclusive lounges vary by airport, but most include wifi, drinks and snacks, showers, and/or an express pass through security lines. A calm oasis in the middle of a hectic airport is the perfect way to make the journey just as relaxing and memorable as the destination

Our Top 10 Best Selling Airport Lounges

Layover Lounge Access: Club Mobay at Sangster International Airport

If your clients are traveling to and from the Montego Bay airport, then have them travel like a VIP with admission to the Club Mobay arrival and departure lounges. With this Club Mobay access, your clients will have fast-track service through security, customs and immigration, and can enjoy snacks and beverages in the relaxing atmosphere of the comfortable private lounges, which include high-speed Wi-Fi. Your clients will flow easily through the airport with personalized assistance through immigration, customs and security, allowing them to begin and/or end their Jamaica vacation with ease!

Hong Kong International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

After your clients arrive in Hong Kong, they would surely appreciate to refresh and recharge in the Plaza Premium Airport Lounge before boarding their connecting flight.The lounge operates 24 hours per day, and provides amenities and services to ease a fatigue after a long day of travel.  The lounge provides superior service to meet the demands of all travelers, and provides a hassle-free transit from Hong Kong to any destination. 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

The Plaza Premium Lounge provides modern facilities and first-class service including high-speed internet workstations, a variety of food and beverages, shower amenities, and neck and shoulder massages. Your clients can choose from a 3-, 6- or 12-hour package for the length of time they need.

Singapore Changi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge Pass

If your clients have a layover at Changi Airport in Singapore, what if they spend it at the Plaza Premium Lounge where they can relax and rejuvenate before catching their connecting flight? The lounge provides first-class service and modern facilities like high-speed internet access, a variety of food and beverages, neck and shoulder massages, and hot showers.

Indira Gandhi International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge (Departure)

If your clients need a place to relax before their departure from Delhi, then they should try The Plaza Premium Airport Lounge that will provide them with a comfortable oasis to stay before boarding their domestic or international flight. Your clients can check their email on the wireless network, enjoy delicious hot food and beverages and take a refreshing shower.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Lounge by Plaza Premium Lounge

This lounge offers plush seats,hot and cold buffets, a refreshing shower and more. You can choose the length of access depending on your clients’ needs from the options available to suit their schedule.

Vancouver International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

Have your clients relax and refresh before their departure or in-between flights in the comfort of a Plaza Premium Lounge at Vancouver International Airport. Lounges are located in the international, domestic and USA terminals, giving your clients a chance to unwind no matter where they are flying.  They can recline in the sleek, contemporary departure lounge, and make use of first-class services and facilities including a shower room (international lounge only), delicious and comforting meals, high-speed Wi-Fi and private resting areas. Choose from a 2-, 3-, or 6-hour package to suit your clients’ schedule.

Beijing Capital International Airport BGS Premier Lounge

After arriving in Beijing, have your clients refresh and recharge at the BGS Premier Airport Lounge before boarding their connecting flight. A hot shower and some delicious hot food and beverages after a long flight are the perfect ways to get rid of the fatigue and rejuvenate sleepy mind. Choice of two lounges – one in Terminal 2 or one in Terminal 3.

Nassau Airport Fast-Track Access and Airport Lounge at Lynden Pindling International Airport

Fast track your clients’ vacation in The Bahamas with the stress-free fast-track arrival and departure service and airport lounge at Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport. Your clients can relax as their personal concierge meets them and their guests at the plane with iPad signage and whisks them through a dedicated fast-track Immigration and Customs line. A personal baggage porter will collect and load their bags into their ground transportation while your clients enjoy all of the amenities of VIP service. On their return, your clients’ personal concierge will meet them curbside and fast track them through check-in and security and into the VIP departure lounge to wait for priority boarding.

Cancun Airport VIP Lounge Access

Your clients will enjoy a peaceful and exclusive place to wait for your departure flight at Cancun International Airport (CUN). Drink a refreshing beverage and grab a snack as you look to the monitor with the flight information. You will also have the chance to read the newspaper or a magazine and also check your e-mail with free Wi-Fi service before depart from Cancun.


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