As the cradle of Western Civilization, Athens offers endless opportunities to uncover ancient history. The Parthenon and the hilltop Acropolis might be Athens’ starring attractions, but the Greek capital is also famed for its buzzing nightlife and Mediterranean cuisine. While visitors could spend a week exploring the city’s ruins and alley cafes, many make it a quick stopover—guided tours help cover top highlights by cutting down on time spent purchasing tickets, waiting in lines, and finding transportation. For those with more time, the city provides a starting point for trips into the Greek Islands, and for day trips and multi-day tours that go further into mainland Greece, where favorite destinations include the cliff-top monasteries of Meteora and the ruined city of Delphi.

The Acropolis

Obviously, the Acropolis made it to the top of our Athens travel guide. A hilltop ruin that’s a city icon, the Acropolis is an essential stop for all Athens visitors. Lines to purchase tickets can reach up to two hours in peak season, but some guided tours—many of which combine the Acropolis with other city highlights—secure tickets in advance. Athens’ compact historic center means Acropolis walking tours typically also feature the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike, while driving tours can go farther afield to visit New Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Poseidon.

Skip the Line: Acropolis of Athens Walking Tour

Covering the Acropolis and adjacent ancient sites, this walking tour saves your clients a wait in line, while the late-afternoon departure time means cooler temperatures and great light for photography.

Athens City Pass Including Acropolis and Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Combine skip-the-line access to the Acropolis with a pass that takes care of transport to top city sights; this tour is ideal for travelers who prefer to explore at their own pace.

Athens Super Saver: Acropolis Walking Tour Plus Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon Half Day Trip

This is the tour to book for clients interested in visiting both the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon.

Acropolis of Athens Segway Tour

A Segway tour can cover more ground than a walking tour, making it easier for clients on this tour to explore the hilly neighborhoods that surround the Acropolis.

Temple of Poseidon

Set on Cape Sounion’s dramatic coastal cliffs, the Temple of Poseidon has enchanted visitors for millennia. Early morning trips to the ruins mean cooler temperatures and fewer visitors, but for iconic photos of the ruins at sunset, brave the crowds on an evening tour. While it’s possible to reach the Temple of Poseidon on a quick excursion from the city, consider a private tour to give clients time to swim at the nearby beach and visit the picturesque towns along the route.

Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon Half Day Trip from Athens

This basic Temple of Poseidon tour includes hotel transfers and an afternoon departure time, making it easy to coordinate with morning activities.

Private Tour Cape Sounion Half Day Trip from Athens

A personalized option that offers more flexibility than group activities, this tour takes your clients directly to the site; that means more time sightseeing and less time on the road.[/ta-obfuscator-content]

Private Cruise to Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounion with Snorkeling and Swimming

Cruising from Athens to the Temple of Poseidon trades time in traffic for a gorgeous boat ride that includes stops at some of the uninhabited Aegean islands along the coast.

Sunset at Cape Sounion Half-Day Tour

The Temple of Poseidon is especially stunning in evening light, and this tour includes a sunset toast with sparkling Greek wine for a celebratory start to the evening.


Delphi, with its remarkably preserved ruins dotted along the southern slopes of Mt. Parnassus, is one of Greece’s most famous archaeological sites. Many visitors arrive on a day trip from Athens, but a multi-day trip means a more relaxing day of sightseeing, and the option to add a nearby destination such as the mountain village of Arachova or Meteora’s monasteries. Many of the experiences included in our Athens travel guide are day trips. The footpaths that access the open-air ruins can be steep and uneven, so it’s worth considering a private tour to allow groups with limited mobility to set their own pace.

Delphi Day Trip from Athens

This classic day trip offers the standard Delphi experience, and stops in the villages of Arachova and Levadia, where clients can purchase traditional Greek handicrafts.

Private Tour Delphi Day Trip from Athens Including Lunch

A great option for travelers wanting a more in-depth experience, this tour offers a fully personalized visit to Delphi, along with a 3-course lunch served in Arachova.

Delphi, Arachova, and Saint Lucas Monastery Tour from Athens

This small-group day trip combines Delphi with the UNESCO-listed Byzantine Saint Lucas Monastery.

2-Day Trip to Delphi and Meteora from Athens

Since Delphi is on the way to the cliff-top monasteries at Meteora, this overnight tour makes the most of travel time by adding a trip to one of Greece’s most spectacular sites.


The Byzantine monasteries set high on Meteora’s soaring rock formations are among the most dramatic sights in Greece. Each of the monasteries have different opening days and hours, but guided tours included in our Athens travel guide take care of the complicated logistics, ensuring that clients can visit up to three monasteries in a single day.

Meteora Day Trip by Train from Athens

A private driver greets clients as soon as they step off the train from Athens, and personal service throughout the day ensures a tailor-made experience from beginning to end.

2-Day Delphi and Meteora Tour from Athens

After a day of exploring Delphi, this tour features an overnight at Kalambaka, giving your clients atmospheric sunset views of Meteora.

2-Day Meteora Tour by Train from Athens

Spending the night in Meteora means a morning start time for the monastery tour—clients will enjoy cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and more time to explore.

Athens Meteora Monasteries Day Trip by Rail

This cost-effective group tour ensures views of all six monasteries from the tour vehicle, as well as interior visits of one or two sites.

Athens Travel Guide: Things to Know

When to Visit

Summer months bring crowds along with fabulous weather on Greek Island beaches, but Athens can be stifling in July and August—consider spring and fall for milder temperatures and fewer tourists.  

Getting Around

The metro, trolley, train, buses, and tram take visitors beyond the compact historic center. Multi-day passes are great for unlimited access, but for travelers headed straight for the sights, hop-on hop-off buses cut time in transit.

Things to Bring

Though daytime wear should be casual and comfortable, Athenians love to dress up, so bringing a chic outfit makes it easy to blend in when going out at night.

Local Customs

Advise clients to pack clothing that covers knees and shoulders when visiting churches and monasteries. Visitors should also pay careful attention when crossing roads, as Athens drivers are notoriously speedy.

What the Locals Know

Exploring the Acropolis up close is a must, but some of the best nighttime views can be found from one of central Athens’ many rooftop bars.


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