With over 395,000 bookable products around the globe, we don’t want anything to get lost in translation. You and your clients are now able to choose from 35+ different languages when browsing and booking on our platform.

Selecting your preferred language

To select your preferred language, all you have to do is navigate to the footer of travelagents.viator.com to select one of over 35 different languages available to choose from. The dropdown to select a language will be found right next to the dropdown to select a preferred currency.

In our example below, we are switching our preferred language from English to Spanish.

Once you select your preferred language, those settings will carry through to additional communications from us, such as confirmation and all booking-related emails.

The client experience

Your clients will also benefit from the ability to select their own preferred language. In most cases, they won’t have to select anything at all though, as their language will be automatically detected based on their browser language. For example, if a user typically browses the web in Spanish, they will see our website in Spanish without having to make any additional selections. If their language settings aren’t automatically detected, however, they will be able to select their preferred language in the same method you would. 

Users will also get all booking-related emails in their preferred language, and will also be able to read our Privacy Policy and FAQs in the language of their choice.

What about Bookable Links?

You are now able to send Bookable Links to your clients in their preferred language. Once a client has accessed one of your shared links, the site will appear in the selected language for them regardless of your own preferred language. For example, if you book mostly in French, but your client is predominantly Spanish-speaking, you can select to send them a link in Spanish. 

See our example below:

Select your client’s language preference when booking so that they can receive further communication from us in their localized language. With over 35 language options, we hope you can find yours! We’re excited to be able to offer our Travel Agent Program in languages that you and your clients are booking in. We feel that this will provide a better experience for our users, as well as for your clients, during every step in the process, pre- and post-booking. Sign in to your account to check it out today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I send a Bookable Link in a localized language, what will the client see when they click my link?

After clicking any of your Bookable Links, the client will be able to view the site in whichever language you selected before copying the link.

What about the privacy policy?

When booking, users or clients will be able to view the privacy policy in their preferred language.

Are SEO parameters localized?

Yes, SEO parameters are localized, meaning that users will be able to find Viator’s Travel Agent Program via SEO from a search in their local language.