From “share with client” links to Curated Lists, each Viator tool is a key to reaching success in selling Viator experiences. Join us as we explore how to seamlessly integrate these tools into your workflow, with real-world examples and best practices to guide you every step of the way.

Expanding your reach with “share with client” links

Reaching clients (and finding new ones!) has never been easier. With your Viator “share with client” links, you can effortlessly extend your reach beyond traditional methods.

Share exciting experiences directly with your clients via email or messaging apps. For instance, imagine that you’re helping a client plan their dream trip to Paris. By sending them a personalized email with links to specific tours and activities in the City of Lights, you’re not just providing recommendations – you’re inspiring them to take action Tailor your links with a personal touch, highlighting experiences that align with their interests and travel plans, and explain why each of the experiences you send is a good option.

Don’t limit yourself to sending links to your existing clients – the beauty of “share with client” links is that they allow you to cast a wider net and attract new clients too. Share these links far and wide across your social media channels and website, enticing potential travelers with glimpses of the adventures that await. With every link shared, you’re not just expanding your reach – you’re building connections, fostering engagement, and ultimately, earning more.

Tailored recommendations made easy with Curated Lists

Curated Lists are your secret weapon for personalized travel planning. Create collections tailored to different destinations or client preferences, ensuring you’re prepared with recommendations whenever clients are ready to book experiences. Curated Lists streamline your planning process and allow for flexibility in tailoring recommendations for a variety of trip types and travel themes.

The best part? By adding your clients’ travel dates to your curated lists, you can filter recommendations to only show options available during their trip. This way, you can be confident you’re suggesting experiences they can enjoy. Find more tips on making the most of Curated Lists and take your travel planning game to the next level in this blog.

Help clients secure their spots with Reserve Now & Pay Later

In today’s dynamic travel landscape, where popular experiences can sell out weeks in advance, this option offers invaluable peace of mind. By encouraging your clients to utilize Reserve Now & Pay Later, you’re not just ensuring they can participate in the tours and activities – you’re also providing them with the freedom to adjust their plans as needed, without the pressure of immediate payment. Whether they’re dreaming of exploring the historic streets of Rome or soaking up the sun on the beaches of Oahu, Reserve Now & Pay Later empowers your clients to plan their dream vacations on their terms.

Leveraging Reserve Now & Pay Later isn’t just about securing bookings; it’s about enhancing the overall travel experience for your clients. By educating them on the benefits of booking in advance, particularly during peak seasons or for sought-after attractions, you’re fostering a sense of urgency and driving conversions. Clients appreciate the convenience and flexibility offered by Reserve Now & Pay Later, and they’ll remember your guidance in helping them navigate the intricacies of travel planning.

Integrate experiences into your website with Viator Widgets

If you have a website or landing page you use for travel inquiries, try using Viator Widgets. By seamlessly integrating these customizable tools, you empower clients to explore your curated recommendations from Viator’s vast inventory of tours and activities without ever leaving your platform. You can tailor the design and layout to align perfectly with your brand aesthetic, providing a cohesive experience for your users. Plus, earn commission effortlessly with every booking made through your widget.

Viator Widgets not only streamline the booking process for clients but also open up new revenue streams for travel agents:

  • By offering instant access to Viator’s diverse range of experiences, you increase the likelihood of bookings and earn commissions on each confirmed reservation.
  • With real-time availability updates and comprehensive inventory, Viator Widgets provide clients with the confidence to book their desired activities, knowing they’re accessing the latest information and securing their spots hassle-free.

By using and mastering tools like “share with client” links, Curated Lists, Reserve Now & Pay Later, and Viator Widgets, you’re ready for unparalleled success in selling Viator experiences.

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