Give your clients the best local experience when they travel

We talked to one of our top global suppliers, WithLocals to learn more about their business and what products they recommend for travel agent customers.

Q: Why are you in this business? What do you love about connecting people to these local experiences?

Withlocals brings magic and wonder back to traveling in the age of mass tourism. It is an online platform connecting travelers & local people eager to share their passions. Guests experience destinations off-the-beaten-track as locals do. Mass tourism is moving you away from the real local experiences, people and culture. That’s why we connect travelers and locals in cities all over the world to create unique and personalized travel experiences that let you enjoy the city like a local.

Q: Where are your headquarters? Do you have offices around the world?

Withlocals is an online platform that connects local people with travelers for private, personal and memorable local experiences. Withlocals hosts and ambassadors are based in more than 50 cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Withlocals headquarters are in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Q: What has it been like working with TripAdvisor/Viator? How long have you worked with us?

We are working with Viator/TripAdvisor since 2016. Viator/TripAdvisor is a very valuable and trustworthy partner since the beginning. The company is always looking at the improvements that can be made for the easier and more effective partnership. The team of Viator/TripAdvisor is always helpful and cooperating.

Q: What are some of your favorite tours you offer? Do you have a specific destination you usually recommend to people? If you HAD to pick a favorite, what would it be?

If we need so select the most favourite category among a lot of difference experience we offer, it would definitely be food experiences. Our food tours are created for true foodies who love to explore flavors around the world! From savory to sweet, from spicy to salty our tours include something for everyone. The selection of tastings and places are always hand-picked by the ones who know the city the best: the locals. The places are our hosts’ personal favorite spots in town. In general, our customers love our experiences because we connect them with passionate local foodies (former chefs, food business owners, passionate home-chefs or simply a passionate foodie) who love to share their knowledge, secret recipes, favorite places and food stories about their city and culture.

Q: What do you want travel agents and advisors to know about booking your products through the Viator Travel Agent Program?

Withlocals is all about private, personal and unique experiences that are organized for your customers in order to create memories for life. That is exactly what today’s customer is looking for. And we do this with prices that are competing with those of group tours.

We accept bookings of 1 to 8 people per experience. All our hosts are carefully selected, only 4% of people make it online. We are proud because our customer satisfaction rate is 98.8%.

Withlocals experiences at the moment can be booked in these destinations:
Europe : Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey.
Asia : Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Honk Kong, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates.
Africa : Morocco, South Africa

We are going to add 15 new destinations in 2019 in Asia and Europe.

Q: Travelers are craving more authentic, local experiences when they travel (as you probably know 🙂 ); what are some of the coolest experiences you offer?

Michelin Food Experience

Our tours take the guests to Michelin Starred restaurants of not one, but three different star-chefs for a unique and private gourmet experience! It’s one of a kind food experience. Just like our guests, our hosts are gastronomic connoisseurs that know everything about the divine dishes included in the tour. Just imagine enjoying top-notch culinary creations in the most beautiful locations in town. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy first-hand delicious dishes and even sit at a chef’s table in a Michelin starred kitchen? Like this one in Rome, or this one in Hong Kong.

Family Friendly

Kids deserve to feel special when traveling. That’s why we’ve developed Family Friendly tours. Whether our guests choose a food tour, the city like a princess tour or a hidden gems tour, our carefully selected hosts will make their experience enjoyable for both parents and kids. This tour in Rome is always a hit with the kids. This magical tour of Montserrat is sure to make the whole family happy. And, of course, you can always take a food tour with the kids in tow.

Off the beaten track

Our tours are meant to uncover the city’s best secret for travelers. Those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, crowds and typical tourist places are in for a unique experience: a new perspective of the city, unveiled by local insiders. Places where locals hang out, locals’ favorite dishes, areas undiscovered by tourists, everything you can wish for is included in these tours. Some examples of these tours include: BerlinAthens, and Madrid.

Q: How are customer service cases handled? How can a client contact you if there are issues in-destination?

You can always reach out to Viator support with any issues. If you have an urgent case, you can reach our team by this phone number +31 20 2440 076. The booking will be instantly confirmed, and our support team will share the exact name and phone number of the host who is going to lead the experience for your customers.

Q: What makes seeing a city with a local more authentic than going on a traditional sightseeing tour?

The best way to explore a destination is with the one who knows the best: the locals. They are the one who can take you on experiences that put you in the daily life of the locals and unveil all the secrets of a destination. Imagine exploring Amsterdam’s flea markets with an antique lover, taste the best French dishes with a Parisian foodie or home-cooked meal in a bamboo house in Bali with a Balinese family. The experience you’ll have with a local by your side is far beyond what any guidebook or traditional sightseeing tour can show you. It feels like you’re having a friend showing you around and not a guide. And that’s because travelers have the possibility to choose a local who shares the same passion as them and ask all the burning questions. From insights about the highlights to personal recommendations, the experience is personable and unique for each traveler.


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