We talked to Lori Timony, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Leisure Pass Group—one of our top suppliers—to learn more about their business and the types of tours they offer around the world.

What destinations does Leisure Pass Group offer attraction passes for?

Leisure Pass Group is the largest attraction pass company in the world. Our passes help travelers explore 37 cities in 17 countries that span five continents. They can enjoy deep savings while touring New York’s Central Park by bike, sampling whiskey at the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, or even taking in the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai—the world’s tallest skyscraper, reaching a height of more than half a mile.

How do the attraction passes work?

The passes are flexible and easy to use. Travelers can purchase a pass that automatically bundles a city’s top attractions on a single digital ticket or choose a more custom pass that gives them extra flexibility to choose the attractions they want to visit. All passes come with a QR code and digital guide, which travelers can pull up on their smartphones.

Why are Leisure Pass Group’s passes so popular?

People like our multi-attraction passes because they are incredibly convenient and offer great savings. The passes are easy to use and carry around. Since travelers use a single digital pass to enter multiple attractions, they don’t have to worry about losing a paper ticket or searching through multiple confirmation emails. What’s more, all-in-one passes allow travelers to be flexible and spontaneous—they can decide what attractions they want to see and when, depending on how they’re feeling that day, instead of sticking to a strict schedule. There are also special offers like skip-the-line, so travelers can make the most of their time in the city.

There are other benefits as well. We like to think that we deliver the city to travelers. Multi-attraction passes help travelers gain a fuller picture of a city, since they can access all the top attractions as well as ones that they maybe hadn’t thought about, like a food or a shopping tour.

I understand that Leisure Pass Group has two brands: Go City and Great Cities. What is the difference between them?

Travelers have two options when choosing a Go City pass: the All-Inclusive, which gives you unlimited entry to select attractions for a certain number of days and the Explorer, which allows you to bundle together a specific group of attractions. For example, travelers going to New York City could purchase an Explorer pass for three, four, five, seven, or 10 attractions out of a list of approximately 90. Once they activate the pass, they have 30 days to use it, so it’s a very flexible product.

The Great Cities Pass gives travelers access to deeply engaging experience in some of the world’s most popular cities on an all-inclusive model. Travelers choose how long they want the pass to last for and then can see as many attractions on the pass as they’d like during that time.

Tell me more about the Mobile Passes.

Leisure Pass Group uses mobile passes with a QR code as well as a digital guidebook. You scan the QR code at each attraction or activity. Travelers have the option of printing out their tickets, but most people use their smartphones. The flexibility and usability of the mobile pass is part of what appeals to travelers—you can buy and use the ticket on your smartphone right away.

What types of travelers are buying these passes?

In general, active travelers love our passes. They put a high level of importance on travel and like to engage in many tours and activities, but they are also looking for good value.

The age group that buys our passes is fairly varied, mostly ranging from ages 30 to 70, but also appealing to Millennials. The age groups can also fluctuate depending on the city, and especially the number of children that might be joining.

What message do you have for travel agents?

When you book one of Leisure Pass Group’s passes, you’re essentially giving the keys to that destination to your client. This makes our passes especially valuable for travel agents helping clients find tours and activities once they are already in-destination. Leisure Pass Group is a one-stop solution that delivers good value and the chance for travelers to experience more with a single purchase. Additionally, travel agents have the opportunity to earn a commission on a more expensive ticket.

Where do you see Leisure Pass Group in 10 years?

Leisure Pass Groups plans to become a fully digital, paperless product. We intend to expand into new cities and attractions, adding as many experiences and offerings as consumers demand. Our main goal is to provide a great solution for travelers, making it easier for them to explore cities around the world. So we also plan to give them tools—such as maps, estimated wait times at busy attractions, and more—to make sightseeing a smoother experience.

What’s next in the immediate future?

Leisure Pass Group is always adding new tours. Look out for the Rome Explorer Pass, which will include traditional attractions, such as tours of the Vatican and Colosseum, and deals at popular restaurants and bars. But it will also offer one-of-a-kind activities, like winemaking or ricotta cheese-making, so that travelers can immerse themselves in a city’s culture.

We’re also working to expand our efforts in Asia. We launched a pass for Hong Kong six months ago, and Singapore and Bangkok are on the horizon. And we’re in the process of adding new Paris attractions as well as updating our passes for Barcelona and Madrid.

Interested in booking one of these experiences for your clients? Here are Leisure Pass Group’s tour options!

Go City Passes

Great Cities Passes


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