The Viator team is pleased to announce a very exciting new partnership with Travefy, the leading proposal and itinerary management tool for travel advisors! This partnership will allow you to build itineraries for every Viator product you book, saving you time and providing a great experience for your clients.

“This partnership reduces friction for the large percentage of our advisors who already use Viator and Travefy independently. Working with the Travefy team will enhance the booking experience on Viator for advisors, and help them delight their customers as they grow their businesses.”

Sarah Dines

Sr. Director of Business Development, Partnerships and 3P, Viator

How does it work?

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Book products for your clients as you normally do on

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Using your Travefy account, build a customized itinerary by automatically pulling in all product details from Viator 

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Export your itinerary to a PDF or send the link to your clients directly through Travefy


1. Find (and book) products on

Travefy allows advisors to create both proposals and itineraries, which means you can build and send travel plans to your clients before and after you book Viator products.

  • Proposal: Create a trip proposal with planned tours and activities and include pricing so your clients can get a feel for the total cost of their trip.
  • Itinerary: After booking Viator products, include confirmation numbers and important contact details for each tour in the itinerary.

2. Locate the Viator product code

In the product details

Find the product code in the product page under the reviews in the “Questions” section

In the URL

The same product code is available at the very end of the product’s URL after the hyphen

3. Activate the Viator search in your Travefy account

Once logged into your Travefy account, locate the Settings tab under “My Account.” Click the box next to “Use Viator Tours & Activities Search” to enable the Viator search functionality in your Travefy account.

4. Build your proposal/itinerary using the Trip Builder

Add a new Viator experience by clicking on “New Event”

4a. Select “Tour” under “New Event”
4b. Find “Viator” in the list under “Tour Line”
4c. Paste the product code in the “Tour” field and click “Get Itinerary”

5. Add customizations & send your itinerary to your clients!

And just like that, you’re done! You’ll notice now that all of the product details (including COVID safety features), description, and photos have been added to your itinerary with the click of a button. 

Feel free to customize the itinerary as much or as little as you’d like. Add additional days, map locations, city guides, and much more through Travefy. Once you’re done, you can export the itinerary/proposal to a PDF, or send directly to your clients through a link in your account. 


Want to learn more from the experts?

Join the Viator and Travefy teams for a webinar on September 22 at 3pm EST for a demo and more details. Can’t attend live? Don’t worry- we’ll share the recording with you to view at your convenience!