In 2020 we had released a new feature that listed the tour operator name on every product on our site. This time, we’re releasing the ability to contact that operator directly from your account regarding any direct bookings you’ve made. Tour operators have always been able to initiate a conversation with travel advisors directly on our platform, but now agents can initiate the conversation.

Contacting tour operators from your account

To contact tour operators, you’ll need to log into your account. Navigate to the “Bookings” tab and select the booking in question by clicking on the booking reference number.

manage my booking step 2

After you select the booking, you’ll be brought to the page below, that will feature a “Contact tour operator” button.

manage my bookking - contact tour operator

Once you select the “Contact tour operator” button, you’ll be brought to the communication thread where you can type messages to the tour operator.

message thread for clc

You can only initiative a conversation with the operator on direct bookings

Direct bookings are bookings made directly by you on behalf of your clients. Indirect bookings are bookings made by your client using your bookable link. If your client makes a booking through the bookable link, you will still earn commission for the booking but you will be unable to contact the tour operator on behalf of the traveler. However, travelers can still reach out directly to the tour operator (and vice versa).

Email delivery options at time of checkout

When you make a booking, you can choose to have email confirmations sent to “the travel agent only” or to “both the travel agent and traveler.” If you select “both the travel agent and traveler” and a tour operator reaches out, both you and your client will receive an email. Note: the exact emails might look different or use slightly different language.

Operator-initiated conversations

If a tour operator contacts you, you will see the email featured here. On the email, you’ll see the tour operator name, your client’s name, the message from the supplier, and the product booked.

We hope this new feature will help save you time and make it easier to finalize the details of your client’s trip.

suppler - agent contact