We recently sat down with top Viator Travel Agents who spilled their best-kept secrets, tried-and-true methods, and game-changing tips.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tips will help you stand out, boost your earnings, and make your mark as a Viator Travel Agent.


Kristin Bond

Rebekah Law

Franchise Owner & Travel Advisor at E-motive Travel

Greig Santos-Buch

CEO/Founder of Winetraveler.com

Finding Clients

Social Media

Our top agents unanimously agree – social media is your golden compass for finding new clients. Start by sharing captivating stories and photos from your personal travels. As you build your client base, consider featuring their journeys too (with their permission, of course!).

Pro Tip: Go beyond posting beautiful pictures and take your social media game to the next level. Use targeted ads to reach potential clients who might not be aware of the incredible experiences you offer through Viator. Don’t forget to include your “share with client” link in these ads, so you can earn on every booking.

Remember, consistency is key! Kristin Bond of Bond Voyage Travel advises, “having a consistent presence, and ensuring you’re always posting to not lose engagement. It’s important to look at your post metrics/clicks and gauge what is working and what isn’t. Be flexible and willing to switch things up!!” Focus on specific excursions and destinations, using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase the richness of Viator experiences. Try incorporating QR codes into your strategy to make your Viator link easily accessible to potential clients. QR codes are especially useful for physical materials like business cards or printed destination guides.

Looking for more social media tips? Check out our on-demand webinar on social media strategies for travel agents.

Direct Referrals

Direct referrals, also known as word-of-mouth recommendations, are super important for new agents. When agents provide great service and memorable trips for their clients, those clients tend to tell their friends and family about it. Because people are more likely to value personalized recommendations from those with firsthand positive experiences, direct referrals can help to build an agent’s trust and credibility.

Rebekah Law actively seeks referrals and encourages social media engagement. She shares, “I ask my current clients for referrals, post a lot about my personal travels on social media, and always find a way to mention I have my own travel agency in conversations with people I meet.”

Getting Bookings

After clients book their flights or hotels, they’re buzzing with excitement. Seize this moment by sending them helpful destination guides. Kristin suggests sending a destination summary email with their receipt after they book and sharing your top 3 favorite experiences using your “share with client” link. This way, you can take advantage of their enthusiasm as they plan their upcoming adventures.

Remember, too many choices can be overwhelming. As Cindy Peck suggests, “create a list of recommended tours in each destination so that the clients do not get overwhelmed. Too many choices cause analysis paralysis!” Offer 1-2 curated options, simplifying their decision and boosting booking chances. This approach helps streamline the decision-making process, making it easier for clients to choose the perfect experience without feeling overwhelmed.

Pro Tip: Save your top recommendations in different destinations in Curated Lists, so you can have them ready for when clients are ready to book experiences.

For clients who may be unfamiliar with Viator, providing information about the platform’s recognition, trusted partnerships, and focus on authentic local experiences can boost their confidence.

Greig Santos-Buch highlights how his agency emphasizes these aspects, adding, “we often discuss how Viator is one of the most recognized and trusted platforms, as well as how the perspective of local tour operators provides a more authentic experience, in addition to not having to worry about planning and logistics.”

Managing Bookings

The Manage Bookings section in your dashboard is your one-stop shop for efficient booking management. Gain a comprehensive view of all your clients’ upcoming bookings, allowing you to easily send reminders, share itineraries, and stay organized without breaking a sweat.

Kristin emphasizes the user-friendly nature of the program’s tools, stating “the tools on the Viator agent platform make it simple for me to know who’s going where and when.”

Building Relationships With Your Clients

Building trust with your clients is crucial for long-term success. Actively seek and share testimonials and positive feedback from satisfied clients. These genuine endorsements showcase your expertise and reassure potential clients about your services.

Greig emphasizes the importance of communication, stating, “Communication is key. You need to build trust, and we’ve found testimonials and social proof to be increasingly valuable.” Sharing positive experiences fosters strong, lasting relationships with your clients.

 Follow these successful agents’ lead and start exploring and sharing experiences at travelagents.viator.com.