How to claim a booking

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • Who is able to claim a booking
  • How to claim a booking
  • What happens after you claim a booking

Do I need to claim every booking to receive commission?

No. You will automatically receive commission for all bookings you make while you’re logged in to our platform. All bookings your clients make with your bookable link will also be automatically paid out.

There are two scenarios where you must claim your booking to receive commission:

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You book through our telephone line with one of our agents and you did not provide a User ID at the time of booking*

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You were logged out while booking directly on and you did not provide a User ID at the time of booking.

Commissions are tied to your User ID. In the two scenarios above, we were not able to match the booking with your User ID. Sometimes this happens because you made a booking prior to creating an account, or it could happen if you forgot your User ID at the time of booking. These two scenarios are the only time you would need to claim the booking.

*We will never ask for your password and will not log into your account. Because we cannot log into your account, any bookings we make on your behalf will be associated with your email address and will have to be claimed directly by you using the booking reference number.

If this applies to you, please read on to understand how to claim your booking and get paid your commission. If you have not completed your account, we are unable to pay out your commission and you will not be able to claim bookings. Make sure that your account is fully registered and that you’ve added payout details before you proceed. You can complete your account registration here. 

How do I claim a booking?

In order to claim your booking, you’ll need to have both the booking reference number and the email address used to make the booking. If you are unsure what the booking reference number is, you would have received an email with the number.

Step 1

Navigate to the “Manage bookings” tab of your account and click “Claim a booking” button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2

Enter the booking reference number and then hit “Continue.”

  • If the booking reference number matches your account email address, then you will see a success message. You can click “Continue” which will take you back to the Bookings page. You’ve successfully claimed this booking.
  • If the booking reference number does not match your account email address, you’ll be asked to input the email address used to make this booking. See Step 3.

Step 3

Enter your email address used to make this booking then hit “Continue.” Note: you will not be able to use the client’s email address to claim a booking. 

And that’s it – you’ve successfully claimed your booking and your commission will be paid out.

What happens after I claim my booking


The booking will no longer be able to be claimed by any other agent.


If the payout currency of the differs from the payout currency selected at checkout, then the payment is re-written to match the payout currency selected in your account.


You’ll see the booking with your other bookings in the "Manage bookings" tab and in your reporting.


Commissions are reallocated to your partner account and will be paid out according to the payout settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t remember or I don’t know the email address used at the time of booking.

Please contact our bookings support email address with your booking reference number for further help:

I input a booking reference number to claim but I get an error. Why is that?

Only bookings falling into these categories can be claimed:

  • Bookings made without a User ID over the phone by one of our agents 
  • Bookings made on our platform while logged out and without a User ID

If the booking doesn’t fall into one of these scenarios, it cannot be claimed. If your booking does fall into these two scenarios and you still cannot claim it, please reach out to our bookings support email address (travelagentsmmb@tripadvisor.comwith the booking reference number for further help.

When do I get paid for bookings that I claim?

Commissions will be paid out in the month following the travel date, as with all bookings. If you are claiming a booking that’s already past the travel date, then you will receive commission in the following month after claiming.

I don’t see the Manage bookings page in my account.

This could be because your partner account hasn’t fully enrolled on the Travel Agent Program. Check your booking page ( and see if your name is visible in the upper right-hand corner. 

If your partner account is not fully enrolled, your agency’s Admin account will see prompts to complete enrollment.

Once enrollment is complete, the Manage bookings tab will appear in the top navigation menu.

Is there a limit to how many bookings I can claim?

No. However, claiming a booking is an added and sometimes unnecessary step! We recommend that you always log in before booking, or provide your User ID number at the time of booking to avoid needing to claim for commission.

Your User ID number is always visible in your account dashboard.